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Les clients de KB Intelligence se répartissent en trois catégories liées aux compétences exploitées chez KB Intelligence. Le premier groupe concerne toute entreprise qui a besoin d’outils de veille sur Internet. Dans cette catégorie, sont déjà clients plus de la moitié des entreprises du CAC 40, ...
Pour répondre aux attentes du marché au travers des cinq axes de sa branche « Financial solutions », KB Intelligence associe une expertise informatique de haut niveau avec une connaissance aussi intime que possible du métier de ses clients. Ses domaines d’intervention privilégiés sont ceux de la ...
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Industrial Automation and Control Systems have become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The main reasons are the increasing use of commercial hardware or software, the integration of control networks with enterprise networks, the risk of infiltration via CD Roms, USB drives, laptops, tablets, remote connections, etc..
The consequences of these attacks are very diverse and often harmful: operating losses, theft of intellectual property, environmental damage, damage to the brand image ...

It is possible to prevent these attacks by implementing a security management system dealing with:

  • On one hand the policies and procedures to be observed in the company
  • On the other hand the technical provisions to be adopted to achieve a given security level (SL 1, 2, 3 or 4).

Different standards are available for designing and implementing such a cyber-security management system. ISA has developed the ISA-99 which is now recognized as IEC standard (IEC 62443) incorporating the ISO 27001 and 27002 recommendations.

KB Intelligence is closely involved in these developments and is in a position to support to companies for:
- Training their staff to the issues of cyber security in the industry,
- Assisting them in the understanding and implementation of the normative frameworks
- Helping them in the develop and implementation of a cyber security management system customized to their automation and industrial control environment.